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Information Technology Office is one of the main offices in Faculty of Science- Kuwait University. The office was created in 1996 as a simple unit provides some services related to technical support and simple programming tasks to different departments in the college, but in integrant with the amount and type of services that were provided by the office, its structure have to be improved, and it was restructured in 2002 to include 2 main units provide several services related to IT Field.

The new structure was composed of Programming and Development unit, And Technical Support Unit. Responsibilities of these units vary to cover software and hardware maintenance, developing programs, network maintenance, labs reservation and a lot more.

Our goal is to turn Faculty of Science into a paperless environment, where the dependency of the academic and administrative work will lay on the most recent technologies that we can reach.

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How to configure Outlook?

How to configure Outlook ?

here  we are using kuwait university e-mail account as an example for Outlook POP Account Setup, .

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click Tools> Options> Mail Setup> Email Accounts
  3. Select Add new account
How To? step by step

Here we will provide tutorials that explain How to do some certain tasks related to installing software, or explaining how to configure some programs: